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The Holon Institute of Technology

Dr. Yuval Beck


The H.I.T. research team consists of researchers who, in addition to their research, act as observers and participants in European standard committees, such as the IEC. Some of them are members in expert committees in the Israeli Standard Institute (ISI) in various areas of Smart Grid and have positions in a variety   of organizations in Renewable Energies and Smart Grids.

In the scope of the ISG consortium, the diversity of knowledge within the group enables the development of new advanced capabilities in the field of faults detection, power quality and self-healing. At the same time collecting and analyzing the data, by focusing on the development of technological abilities of smart meters and smart concentrators. This is carried out on both sides - by the consumer and the producer.

The experience of the research group is also measured by the close cooperation with electrical and industrial companies that use, develop and produce instruments for smart grids.

The group includes the following researchers:

Professor Gady Golan- (Head Researcher) President of H.I.T, Chairman of the Smart Grid Forum and Board Member in the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel SEEEI. Professor Golan acts as Chairman of the Israeli section of SID and the ESD Chapter in the Israeli branch of IEEE. He is also the Secretary of the Israeli branch of IET and Board Member of CIGRE.

Dr. Yuval Beck - (Head Researcher) acts as Head of the Energy and Power Systems department in the Faculty of Engineering at H.I.T. Dr. Beck is an observer representing the Israel Standards Institute (ISI) in the international standard committee IEC TC-57 (Energy Management for Smart Grid) and is Chairman of an expert committee on Smart Grid in ISI.

Mr. Nezah Calamero, M.Sc. - Expert in smart meters and works in the smart metering laboratory at the Israeli Electric Company. He is also a member of the experts committee in Smart Metering Standards at the ISI.

Mr. Liran Katzir, M.Sc. - Acts as the Standards Manager in BetterPlace. Mr. Katxir is Chairman of the Israeli Renewable Energy Organization and a representative of the ISI in the IEC TC-57 (Energy Management for Smart Grid). He is also an expert representing Israel in Work Group 17 (Energy Management from Distributed Sources) in the IEC. Mr. Katzir is also a member of various expert committees in the field of smart grid in the ISI.

Dr. Boris Axelrod - A lecturer and researcher at H.I.T. His research interests are harmonics in power electronics systems, switched mode converters and electrical machines.

Dr. Yefim Berkovich - A lecturer and researcher at H.I.T. His research interests are harmonics in power electronics systems and switched mode converters.

Dr. Meir Arbel - A lecturer and researcher at H.I.T. His research interests include self-healing in power systems.

Mr. Aviv Zilbermintz - Mr. Zilbermintz is an engineer of the Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Laboratory at H.I.T and has vast experience in R&D of electronics hardware and software.