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11 Granit St., Petach-Tikva, 49002, Israel

POWERCOM Ltd. is positioned as a market leader in the remote and control metering system industry. The Company is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a complete smart grid solution for electricity, water and gas utilities with a range of superior benefits provided by its unique and patented technology.

The Company’s (AMI) Advanced Meter Infrastructure for electricity, water and gas utilities includes a portfolio of innovative products, from a data management system housed at utilities data centres, to leading edge meters and concentrators, all the way through to intelligent consumer monitoring solutions for managing consumption. The system utilizes all available open protocol communication such as PLC, RF, GPRS, and Ethernet, and is built as a flexible open platform to seamlessly connect and integrate to third party suppliers.

POWERCOM has received extensive recognition for its exceptional Power Line Communication (PLC) performance, having achieved 99%+ communications in real-time. The breakthrough was achieved by developing a Dynamic PLC technology which allows bi-directional data flow over the low voltage grid lines, enabling readings from any smart meters at a distance of up to 2 km of electricity wires, at any world location in seconds.

POWERCOM "Smart Grid" AMI solution increases intelligence throughout the networked grid, dramatically improving monitoring, control, reliability and power quality. The solution improves efficiency, handles current and future demand, potentially reduces costs for the provider and consumer, and provides the communication platform for new applications.

This system will provide a range of functionality such as: efficiently handling prepayment, identify revenue loss, outage detection, implementation of complex TOU or step tariff, demand response, load control, as well as energy monitoring and management. Alert notifications are automatically programmed into the system to send an SMS or email to the system operators providing real time notification of exceptional events for rapid response. It is also capable of supporting optional functionality including demand side management, forecasting, smart homes, electric vehicle charging, and renewable energy and energy forecasting, etc.

Founded in 2006, POWERCOM’s corporate headquarters are based in Israel with subsidiary companies, regional headquarters and local offices in India, Portugal and South Africa. POWERCOM is certified worldwide by KEMA.

POWERCOM has proven its superior technology through installations with utilities across the globe through a series of very successful installations with leading utilities in more than 12 countries within different environments and installations. The data from these installations show that the investment payback period for the utility is very short (in some cases a few months).