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Motorola Solutions Israel

Motorola Israel Ltd. was established in 1948, and since 1964 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola Inc., a multinational communications corporation headquartered in the USA. In January 2011, Motorola Inc. was divided into two separate companies: Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. Following the division, Motorola Israel remained unchanged in essence and scope (with the exception of the cellular unit) and comprises a part of Motorola Solutions Inc.

Motorola Solutions Israel was Motorola Inc.'s first branch outside the USA, and the first to establish a design and development center in Israel.

The company develops and provides communications solutions based on advanced technologies to governmental and public safety bodies, to courier companies and to a variety of commercial entities both in Israel and around the world. It employs a workforce of some 1300 professionals, approximately 700 of whom are design and development engineers.

The Company Comprises a Design Center and Three Business Groups: The Communications Systems Group for Israel market, The Communications Systems Group for export markets and the Services division.

Design Center

At the Center, Motorola designs and develops a diverse range of communication products and communication network management systems, which it markets worldwide and in Israel. The Design Center is an industry leader in the implementation of prestigious global projects, such as the development of edge units for broadband communication – LTE for emergency and public safety organizations; and of mobile terminals for the US Postal Service, the global courier industry and commercial entities. The Center has also led the assimilation of the MotoBRIDGE system into security and public safety organizations around the world. Furthermore, the Center plays a significant

role in the development of diverse Motorola products marketed globally, such as the TETRA and ASTRO communication networks for the public safety market, computerized command and control systems and more.

The Design Center in Israel employs hundreds of engineers, including a designated in-house R&D team.

The Business Groups

The business groups include the Communications Systems Groups for the Israeli market and for export markets, and the Service Division. The Groups provide a broad range of advanced communication products and solutions to organizations, commercial and public safety bodies, with emphasis placed on mobile solutions. These products and solutions include market leading TETRA and ASTRO technologies, which comprise the foundation for security forces' communication systems; ruggedized mobile terminals computerized command and control systems for power, water and irrigation monitoring systems; advanced GPS integrated location systems; and wireless access networks that are also utilized onboard trains in numerous countries around the world.

The areas which Motorola deals within the framework of ISG include:

  • Automatic fast fault location in a power grid and isolation of the faulty part.
  • Communication interface between existing electric control centers using legacy standard protocols and modern substation smart devices that use modern protocols, as well as an interface between existing substation equipment and modern substation equipment.
  • Generic smart meter concentrator, which enables electric utilities to interface with smart meters made by various vendors, over a variety of communication media, and to perform low voltage grid monitoring.
  • Efficient unified integration and management of devices and smart elements from various vendors, in a very large Smart Grid system.
  • Efficient model for data collection and data distribution servers on the Smart Grid network.