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Control Applications

Control Applications Ltd. 24a, Habarzel St, Tel-Aviv 69710, Israel

Control Applications Ltd. (CA) is a private company that was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of Building Management Systems (BMS). In 2004 CA started to manufacture high quality and accuracy energy powermeters as well as power quality analyzers. CA develops, produces, markets, exports and installs their computerized control systems for commercial and industrial applications all over the world.

CA’s metering and control systems consist of both hardware and software products that are user-friendly as well as being technically superior.

The products are intended for use in industry, utility companies and public buildings such as factories, office blocks, hotels, hospitals, universities, shopping centers and more.

Elnet line of products is consisting of:

Electrical powermeters – advanced user friendly, multi functional, three-phase powermeters.

Electrical Energy meters – highly accurate multi functional, three-phase energy powermeters.

Power Quality Analyzers – recording and analyzing power quality events (EN50160).

Power factor controllers – advanced user friendly controller with harmonics protection and capacitor life saving features.

Software products for electrical networks monitoring and generating electrical bills.

Today Elnet powermeters and SuperBrain controllers are well known brands, combined with CA's Web Based software grant to its users state of the art technology to save and measure the energy as well as monitoring its quality.

Our distributors enjoy market dominating products and instant online support.