ISG Research Topics:


In 2014 the ISG Consortium got an approval to operate for two more years and it will work until the year 2016. ISG is working closely with and contribute to the international industry standard organizations dealing with smart grid, such as The Israeli Standards Institute, ANSI, ETSI, IEC 62056 and DLMS/COSEM, as well as with The Israeli Electric Company (IEC) and electrical power companies around the world.

About Smart Grid

Smart Grid refers to a new and improved electricity supply chain that runs from a major power plant as well as other renewable energy resources all the Way to the home.  The Smart Grid concept is to add monitoring, analysis, control, and communication capabilities to the electrical delivery system to maximize the throughput of the system, and to add green energy resources while reducing the energy consumption. Smart Grid allows utilities to move electricity around the system as efficiently and economically as possible. It will also allow homeowners and businesses to use electricity as economically as possible.

New Challenges

Smart grid technology is fueled by the continuous growing demand for green energy and the requirement to economically deliver and control reliable and sustainable electricity service.  Smart grid technology attempts to predict and intelligently respond to the behavior and actions of all electric power users connected to the grid, by employing innovative products and services, coupled with intelligent monitoring, control, communication, and self-healing technologies.  With the emergence of smart grids, every consumer is a potential “prosumer” – both a consumer of green energy services and a supplier of excess capacity to the rest of the grid. The smart grid adds the intelligence necessary to the network that empowers such users.



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